Russia dumped 17 nuclear reactors and tons of nuclear waste in the Arctic over decades

Originally posted on Earth First! Newswire:
by Charles Digges / Enormous quantities of decommissioned Russian nuclear reactors and radioactive waste were dumped into the Kara Sea in the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia over a course of decades, according to documents given to Norwegian officials by Russian authorities and published in Norwegian media. Bellona…

Survival International: Yanomami Indians ‘massacred’ by goldminers in Venezuela

[EDIT 10th Sept 2012 – It looks like this was a false report. We’ll probably never know why it was reported as real. Read about it at Intercontinental Cry.] This news, together with the overturning of the halting of the Belo Monte dam by a Brazilian judge, makes me sad today. This is what the… Continue reading Survival International: Yanomami Indians ‘massacred’ by goldminers in Venezuela

An unattached witch’s chin, four chickens’ feet and a kelpie of burden

I was just passed an unattached witch’s chin. Yesterday I went out for shopping and came back with a bag of chickens’ feet. I’m about to sew part of a squirrel to a leather mask and am pondering the practicalities of riding a kelpie. It must be summer. See you at Uncivilisation.