Tuesday, moor-day.

Out onto the moor today. In the midst of all the busy-ness, the prospect of putting miles of moorland under my feet and acres of clear sky in my eyes gladdens my heart like the homecoming that it is, ‘though greater, when I’m out with the skylarks, the buzzards and the long grass. I’ll sing… Continue reading Tuesday, moor-day.

Roads >> Combe Haven Defenders need your pledge of assistance NOW

The Combe Haven Defenders need your help. Trees are being felled for the new road and there just aren’t enough people to stop it happening. They need more help. They are hoping to collect 1066 pledges for peaceful resistance to the road-building… As they write: Over a hundred local people have already signed a pledge… Continue reading Roads >> Combe Haven Defenders need your pledge of assistance NOW

Unis’tot’en solidarity

In case you somehow hadn’t noticed, heavy shit is afoot. Worldwide, the continued ravenous exploitation of the land proceeds apace, largely unchallenged and almost universally unchecked. The increasing thirst for resources means that our civilisation is turning to more and more desperate measures to supply the goods. One such demand is for energy – without

Jay Griffiths – Forests of the mind

This, from Aeon online magazine, on the 12th of October, is absolutely brilliant. Great writing. Burning truths, unflinchingly told. Jay Griffiths writes here about shamanism, metaphor, artists, fools and the imbalance in our allegiance to the hemispheres of our brains. There is a clarion call in this writing to remember that realm of our own… Continue reading Jay Griffiths – Forests of the mind


This is a piece of my writing that appears in the latest Dark Mountain collection along with Sometimes a Wild God – I’m posting it here as a taster of what you can find in the book, which is being launched in Liverpool on Saturday 15th September. Do go along to the launch if you… Continue reading Nettle-Eater