Martin Shaw: Foundational Stones towards Mythtelling

A quick pointer this morning towards this excellent post by Martin Shaw on the EarthLines blog. Budding story-carriers, myth-tellers and wild exponents of full-immersion-living should take note and get out onto the land… … Continue reading


Jay Griffiths – Forests of the mind

This, from Aeon online magazine, on the 12th of October, is absolutely brilliant. Great writing. Burning truths, unflinchingly told. Jay Griffiths writes here about shamanism, metaphor, artists, fools and the imbalance in our allegiance to the hemispheres of our brains. There is a clarion call in this writing to remember that realm of our own… Continue reading Jay Griffiths – Forests of the mind

2012 – The Mayan Word [film]

It being 2012, there’s something of a buzz about the various calendars of the Maya. But there’s little heard from the Maya themselves. This is a beautiful, powerful film well worth watching, especially if you like the prospect of reconnecting with Planet Earth rather than tripping out in the subtle Etheric Realms. More Zapatistas  than… Continue reading 2012 – The Mayan Word [film]

Coyopa Presents: Coyote Bardo at The Big Red Door (13th & 20th August)

Coyopa presents: COYOTE BARDO Twisted Trickster Tales August 13th (9-11pm) & August 20th (8-10pm) The Big Red Door, Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh (£6/£4 0131 229 1480) Don’t know your Loki from your Eshu or your Coyote from your Monkey? Don’t know a Trickster from a Liar or Trickery from Idiocy? Don’t despair! Help is… Continue reading Coyopa Presents: Coyote Bardo at The Big Red Door (13th & 20th August)