Ivashko Medvedko at Chagfood

I’ve always thought that if there’s one flaw in the concept of Community Supported Agriculture, it’s the lack of Russian folktales. So tomorrow evening, Rima and I shall be remedying this state of affairs by telling this summer’s tour-piece, Ivashko Medvedko, at the remarkable entity that is Chagfood, as part of their day of Harvest… Continue reading Ivashko Medvedko at Chagfood

We Present :: Ivashko Medvedko

I was going to tell you about this summer’s journey to the far north-west of these islands, when Rima and I took the Ivashko Medvedko show on the road. I was going to make you marvel at tales of our adventures and cause you to gasp with reverence at the beauty of Scotland. I was… Continue reading We Present :: Ivashko Medvedko

Busy-ness and the promise of Sound.

Busy days. The busiest. I can’t quite believe that it’s October and yet, also, I am utterly delighted that Autumn has come. I’m craving the darkening evenings and the sweet scents of decay like a man who has been living in a desert. My soul is so hungry, I could eat my own liver. There’ll… Continue reading Busy-ness and the promise of Sound.

A quick note from the road

We told the tale of Ivashko Medvedko in Moffat on Friday night in the lovely Old Well theatre and it was excellent, if I do say so myself. Then, on Saturday, we told it again near Lochmaben, where we’ve been hosted by our friends Dougie and Em Strang and their wonderful, spirited family. Word is… Continue reading A quick note from the road


This is how it begins. In a certain Tsardom of the thirtieth realm, across thrice-nine lands… Aah, yes… Not once-nine, or twice-nine, but thrice-nine. To hear those words, or to speak those words, even to write those words, is to begin something that is so close to my heart, so essential to me, that I… Continue reading Thrice-Nine