Dark Mountain in Edinburgh

As you’ll have no doubt gathered by now, I’ve been somewhat involved in Dark Mountain activities over the last 18 months or so. Many people ask what the Dark Mountain project actually is, which is a reasonable enough question, and one that those involved keep asking themselves at regular intervals. My response is usually something… Continue reading Dark Mountain in Edinburgh

Unis’tot’en solidarity

In case you somehow hadn’t noticed, heavy shit is afoot. Worldwide, the continued ravenous exploitation of the land proceeds apace, largely unchallenged and almost universally unchecked. The increasing thirst for resources means that our civilisation is turning to more and more desperate measures to supply the goods. One such demand is for energy – without

Towards The Telling…

Originally posted on for 'The Telling'…:
The Telling is a series of fire-lit evenings of performance, music, art, poetry, feasting, storytelling and conversation. The first event will take place at 6pm on November 10th, 2012, in the courtyard of Church View; the former art college behind St George’s Minster in Doncaster (just a five minute…


This is a piece of my writing that appears in the latest Dark Mountain collection along with Sometimes a Wild God – I’m posting it here as a taster of what you can find in the book, which is being launched in Liverpool on Saturday 15th September. Do go along to the launch if you… Continue reading Nettle-Eater

An unattached witch’s chin, four chickens’ feet and a kelpie of burden

I was just passed an unattached witch’s chin. Yesterday I went out for shopping and came back with a bag of chickens’ feet. I’m about to sew part of a squirrel to a leather mask and am pondering the practicalities of riding a kelpie. It must be summer. See you at Uncivilisation.