Five of my favourite things…

A while ago – I forget when – I gave you a heads-up about the Time project, of which I am part, under the auspices of the Lazy Gramophone Collective. I linked you to this video – I’ve put it down there below, too – which features some of the words of the strange, possibly… Continue reading Five of my favourite things…

We Present :: Ivashko Medvedko

I was going to tell you about this summer’s journey to the far north-west of these islands, when Rima and I took the Ivashko Medvedko show on the road. I was going to make you marvel at tales of our adventures and cause you to gasp with reverence at the beauty of Scotland. I was… Continue reading We Present :: Ivashko Medvedko

An unattached witch’s chin, four chickens’ feet and a kelpie of burden

I was just passed an unattached witch’s chin. Yesterday I went out for shopping and came back with a bag of chickens’ feet. I’m about to sew part of a squirrel to a leather mask and am pondering the practicalities of riding a kelpie. It must be summer. See you at Uncivilisation.

A quick note from the road

We told the tale of Ivashko Medvedko in Moffat on Friday night in the lovely Old Well theatre and it was excellent, if I do say so myself. Then, on Saturday, we told it again near Lochmaben, where we’ve been hosted by our friends Dougie and Em Strang and their wonderful, spirited family. Word is… Continue reading A quick note from the road


This is how it begins. In a certain Tsardom of the thirtieth realm, across thrice-nine lands… Aah, yes… Not once-nine, or twice-nine, but thrice-nine. To hear those words, or to speak those words, even to write those words, is to begin something that is so close to my heart, so essential to me, that I… Continue reading Thrice-Nine