On sharing

I love to share my work and to know that it is reaching souls far from the places in which I’ve written it; I love to hear that it has touched someone who heard it through a friend of a friend of a friend of a stranger. I love to let these words go and know that they’re out there, dance their crooked dances and spelling their secret designs.

But, they are my words. Please respect their connection to me. To that end, do feel free to cut and paste them, but only ever with an attribution to me (as Coyopa or as Tom Hirons) and with a link to the post they came from. And put a link in the comments to the Coyopa post where you’ve put them, so I can get the buzz of seeing the words out there myself. I think that’s all reasonable as a matter of courtesy. Given that they are my words and I’ve asked you to do this, please respect my wishes.

If you prefer it in Creative Commons terms, it’s an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs deal, with specific requests (about telling me where you’ve posted it – see above.)

Of course, everything here that I’ve written is mine – don’t nick it. I know you wouldn’t anyway, but it needs to be said.

Enjoy reading; enjoy sharing the words with others. Respect the act and art of their creation. We’ll get along just fine.

Rise and root.

Tom, Coyopa

22nd July 2012


57 thoughts on “On sharing

  1. Hi Tom,

    I am a rite of passage guide, and cancer initiate. Your poem, Sometimes a Wild God is one of my favorites. I posted it to a friend’s Facebook site today. His name is Paul Howell. I also like to read it at some of the retreats I hold, always attributing it to you, of course.

  2. I love this poem, it really resonates. I posted the poem in its entirety on my Facebook page, because it is so dazzling and I know many of my friends would love it too, and of course attributed you, Tom. Nice to cross virtual paths, modern let lines of sorts. If you want me to only share a small part of the poem instead of the whole piece, just let me know. Cheers, Jess


  3. Hi Tom, I think we have a mutual friend – she sent me a link to your work ages ago but I have just reread Sometimes a Wild God and it had me crying in seconds, which is good ! I’m just having a family crisis and your words are so beautiful and ring so true. I have ordered the book for my three children and the calendar for my two sons. Thank you. x

  4. Just discovered your beautiful work.
    Thank you.
    I will share your words on Facebook and of course, link back.

  5. Hi Tom, I came by “Sometimes a Wild God” in a roundabout way through Terri Windling’s blog. Thank you so much for your mythic work — it’s a poem filled with enchantment and the Wild God has spoken to me through it. I shared a stanza excerpt on my Facebook Author Page, White Raven Writing, as well as the link to your powerful audio reading of it so others can experience your magic in full. Thank you again and may all your artistic endeavors come to fruition!

  6. Hi Tom. I have shared ‘Sometimes A Wild God’ with a friend and intending to do the same on Facebook. As well to share with a group of body orientated psychotherapists. I will also link back to you.

    Much gratitude here, your words reminded me of what had been forgotten.

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