Sometimes a Wild God – the mp3 – arrives.

I thought it was high time I turned the sound recording into a more proper¬†entity than a youtube video or an instagram post, with better sound and some self-respect, some dignity, perhaps a little gravitas, even more gravitas than vimeo. Someone in your life needs this poem as an mp3. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s those anemones.


We Present :: Ivashko Medvedko

I was going to tell you about this summer’s journey to the far north-west of these islands, when Rima and I took the Ivashko Medvedko show on the road. I was going to make you marvel at tales of our adventures and cause you to gasp with reverence at the beauty of Scotland. I was… Continue reading We Present :: Ivashko Medvedko

Nearly Time :: the Lazy Gramophone collective…

It’s all happening. This project has been cooking away behind the scenes of things since maybe 2010, gathering pace and magic as it bubbled. It’s almost cooked. It’s a huge collective effort in which I have played a small part, along with Rima. I’m not going to tell you any more about it; I’m just… Continue reading Nearly Time :: the Lazy Gramophone collective…

Wagon Steps and Damp Footprints of June

June has crept damply by, some dream-thing leaving its wet footprints on our floors. I don’t know what it was, but it didn’t smell good – it was like a fever, like a set of convulsions in water. My, my, it has rained! But the fever was not just the water pouring, dripping, danking down… Continue reading Wagon Steps and Damp Footprints of June