About me

So here we are.
You there and my words here.
My name’s Tom Hirons. I’m a storyteller, acupuncturist, wilderness rites of passage guide, poet and craftsman here on the edge of Dartmoor. I’ve made my home here between field and moor with Rima Staines, an extraordinary artist whose work you should almost certainly be better acquainted with.

Some work here is long, some is short; some of it’s prose and some’s poetry. Some’s sweet on the ear and some of it’s a strange beast that came from Nowhere Known, awkward and half-made. Some pieces are a bit in-between all of it and that’s perhaps my favourite kind.

If you’d like to re-post my work somewhere else, please take a look here for my policy on attribution and links. Nothing more than a few words about respect and creativity, nothing heavy. Trust me.

Here’s mostly what’s where:

A selection of things from the last few years – some have been spoken out on occasion, others are seeing the light of day here for the first time. They’re all works in progress, but sometimes the progress takes so long that the change can barely be noticed by the human eye.

I tell stories. A lot of Russian folktales, with Rima accompanying on the accordion, but I’m versatile – I do Polish and Romanian too. Ha. Joke. Funny, no? Actually, we’ve done all sorts, but we do love East European and gypsy tales. Just now (‘Summer’ 2012) we’re preparing a telling of a Chukchi story. I love storytelling. There’s some of that here.

There’s some prose. I’ve been writing for a few years now and I’ve yet to make a penny directly from it, but it seems to be essential, so I’m carrying on, slowly. There’s at least 4 novels half-written and I believe that at least one of them will see the light of day, at some point.

All in all, it’s bits and pieces of this and that – some has appeared in the Dark Mountain books, some in the Earth First! Journal and some in EarthLines. Check all of those out – there’s good things to be found.

I hope you unearth something here that provokes you into a deeper relationship with this marvellous world, or sings a remembering song to you or inspires some kind of cathartic fit…

That’s really all you need to know, my friend. If you disagree, come be a fan of my work on facebook or follow me on Twitter or even roll with me on Tumblr, but better still, leave comments – they make a difference, believe it or not.

Should you wish to send word directly, you can do so here: tom@coyopa.net

To your space and time from mine, enjoy…


25 thoughts on “About me

  1. If you come to Edinburgh you’ve both got a bed in my garden.

    Sometimes a Wild God is about to dominate your life and you’ll need sanctuary.

  2. Dear wild man, your words speak my soul, bleed the saga of my descent. I praise your bravery , I crave your wild spirits expression, thank you.

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