Sometimes a Wild God – the mp3 – arrives.

Some of you may have heard my recording of Sometimes a Wild God already. Perhaps the tech-heads among you will have figured out how to rip it out of the video (cue some terrible tearing sound as bits and bytes of sound are forcibly severed from their images and transported across vast distances to strange new homes.) To be honest, the sound wasn’t good enough to bother, but congratulations if you made the effort.

I thought it was high time I turned the sound recording into a more proper entity than a youtube video or an instagram post, with better sound and some self-respect, some dignity, perhaps a little gravitas, even more gravitas than vimeo. And so, finally, here it is, with IDE tags and everything, as the poem begins to wander wildly into its dotage (perhaps, perhaps not – there are a small number of sea anemones living on a deep volcanic rim in the Marianas Trench who have not heard the poem, let alone bought the book or the poster! Spare them a thought. Better still, buy them a Samhuinn present right now. They’ve got it tough down there, although at least they don’t have to listen to the news…)

So, here it is. You can buy it for £2. That’s nothing, right? Well, it’s something, for sure and every £2 buys me a little much-needed time to do some more writing, as I can’t live off this poem forever, much as I’d love to, just sitting under trees and playing in the cloud of potentiality*. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to write something else and with a two-year-old boy and a relationship and a 1966 Bedford RL to deal with, writing time is short. Have pity on me! Actually, don’t – life’s amazing. But, do, please, buy the mp3 and give it to someone.

You can play it at your men’s group or your women’s group, at your wedding (or your funeral), or to someone you’re trying to impress, or someone you don’t like or who doesn’t like poetry, or the English or mp3s, or wherever you like. Get high and put it on some headphones –  if I tell you that I laced it with subliminal instructions that’ll bring about a utopian revolution that’ll see us simultaneously understand how to live in harmony with the Earth and one another forever and understand the secrets of superluminal space travel, if you listen hard enoughWould that get you listening? (and if not that, then WHAT DOES IT TAKE?)

Let’s face it. Times are weirder than a green kangaroo on rollerblades. Someone in your life needs this poem and maybe it’s you, maybe it’s those anemones. The recording’s not perfect, but I’d been up for about 72 hours and I was sitting in a car on a darkened road on a hill in Dartmoor with a German film crew and a microphone the size of a rabbit, so all things considered, I’m reasonably pleased. I genuinely hope that you like it and – all frothy nonsense aside – it does still seem to have something to say in the world. Remember – £2 buys me a little writing time. I think that’s a good thing. I’ve got a lot to say and no time to write. Here’s a link to it. Enjoy.


ps if you’re super-keen and would like to buy the book as well, then hold your horses, because next week, from Monday to Sunday, I’ll be bundling the book and the mp3 as a Samhuinn giveaway. And – if you don’t already know about it – check out Rima’s extraordinary new creation: THE STORYTELLER advent calendar, also on sale right now!

Advent Calendar 350
proof close up 350

pps I do still write. Today, I started writing a new novel. I’m not sure it was wise, but then… when is it ever wise to start writing a novel? Let’s see where it goes… Wish me luck.


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