Sometimes a Wild God – a poetry-and-art A3 poster

These are strange and disturbing times. I’m writing again – I have been for a month or so after a long break, and though the words and I are doing an uncomfortable dance just now, there are flashes of something occasionally that may signal something interesting or good. Time will tell. This post is just to let you know this – we’ve turned Sometimes a Wild God into a poster, with three of Rima’s illustrations and all the text. It’s an A3 poster (16.6″ x 11.7″) on 100% recycled 170gsm Eco Kraft paper – we’re taking pre-orders over at the Hedgespoken Press site, and it’s only £5. This is roughly what it looks like (the photo above this post is the real thing – this is the layout preview). You can find out more and buy the thing here (or by clicking on the preview):


More news from the edge of things soon. In the meantime, you could do far worse than read these fine words from my friend, the extraordinary storyteller and mythologist, Martin Shaw –  A COUNSEL OF RESISTANCE AND DELIGHT IN THE FACE OF FEAR – I also recommend that (should you be unfamiliar with them) you avail yourself of the works of Rebecca Solnit and Joanna Macy on how to sustain yourselves in dark times.

From an eccentric orbit around a cluster of possibly magical words, Tom



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