Wild God evolutions

Last week, I dreamed that there was a new edition of Sometimes a Wild God. There was a whole new section and the edition was in full, blazingly vivid, colour. This week, I started figuring out what the new section was and then realised that I’ve already written most of it, a long time ago. It will cross over the current poem at a point where I always pause when I’m reading it out loud, thinking I’ve missed out a stanza or two – I don’t think it’ll be a change to the poem – more of a new branch of something larger… All I know is that I’m navigating by the sometimes-dim, sometimes-bright stars of a bear-laden-sky and that keeps me pointing in mostly the right direction.

It’s a strange procedure, but it feels honest, in the rightly circuitous way… I’ll report back soon with news of where it’s taking me…


In the meantime, I think we’ll probably run out of this print-run of the book before Christmas, so make sure you get in there with your orders in good time.

Most of my time at the moment is taken up with storytelling and general work for Hedgespoken and fatherhood, but there’s a groundswell of words starting to push at my fingernails and hair-roots and swirling in my blood, so I’m hoping that something will soon come of it and not just the madness of not-writing. I’m also proud to report that our son learned to say ‘Baba Yaga’ this morning, although it’s more ‘Waga Vaga’ at the moment. What next? ‘Koschei the Deathless’?

I’ve also almost finished building a new Coyopa website, which will be taking to the e-waves sometime soon, but more about that another time.

There have been a lot of new followers and book-buyers and friends recently. If you liked Sometimes a Wild God and haven’t looked around yet, you might also like some of these pieces (although most of them aren’t available in books of their own. Yet.)

Rima and I are hard at work creating the next book from the Hedgespoken Press – I am sworn to secrecy, however. It’s been a long time coming and we’re very, very excited about it. As soon as I can say more, I will – it’s connected with the next big Hedgespoken show that we’ll be developing over the Winter.

And, finally, here’s one of my favourite animations to keep your soul glowing. See you in the in-between.

With thanks to William Blake [Albion] and Rima for the cover image…


2 thoughts on “Wild God evolutions

  1. Wonderful, wonderful. I’ve taken the liberty of posting the link to the cartoon and a link to your page, on my facebook page. Maureen

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