Coming very soon – the SOMETIMES A WILD GOD book!

All being well, tomorrow will see the delivery of many, many copies of the work that Rima and I have been working on for months, in between raising our lovely boy and moving the Hedgespoken truck-conversion forward and moving from our house into a small yurt and occasionally breathing and all the while trying to earn some money to keep the wrong kind of wolves from the door…


Yes, it’s the book of SOMETIMES A WILD GOD!

It has 6 internal illustrations by Rima Staines and a beautiful cover also by her. It’s A6 (that’s 4.2″x5.9″ – pocket-size) and is printed on 100% recycled paper, with a sturdy card cover, by a workers’ co-op in the UK. Words and layout are all by me, Tom Hirons. It’s got an ISBN – 978-0-9933656-0-7, no less – and here are some grainy, watermarked previews of a few of the internal images to give you a taste. Better shots of the book in all its glory will be accompanied by fanfare and the glugging of nerve tonics when the boxes of books arrive at our door…

This has been a long time coming. Originally conceived as a perk for the Hedgespoken crowdfunder, to raise funds to convert a vintage Bedford lorry into a travelling off-grid storytelling theatre and home, it’s our first foray into the world of producing our own books as Hedgespoken Press. If this goes well, you can expect to see more soon, so do let us know what you think by leaving reviews at the shop once it’s published.

But listen – if you’d like to order the book, click on the button below to go to the newly painted-and-decorated HEDGESPOKEN SHOP! And if the shop’s not open yet, you can sign up to be emailed an alert the very minute the doors are flung wide…


If you’re waiting for a copy of this as a perk from the Hedgespoken crowdfunder, your wait is almost over. Before we post out any orders from the shop, you’ll hopefully be clutching your very own hot-off-the-press copy in your own home. Rima and I are very proud of what we’ve created, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.


4 thoughts on “Coming very soon – the SOMETIMES A WILD GOD book!

  1. Count me in! I re read your poem sometimes a wild good that I have printed out in my studio the other day. It fortifies my soul! We are selling our house and moving into a yurt full time to travel the UK and possibly erudite. Your poem reminds me what is important.

    Thank you for this poem Tom, it is my favorite and most nourishing.

    Blessings to you and your family.


  2. I don’t understand it all, BUT after reading it many many times, what I glean from this superb poetry will be what was meant for me. And I thank you.

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