The Time Project

Way back when, almost in the before of before, but actually just after the beginning and not too long after the previous end, it came about that I was asked to write a short story for the Lazy Gramophone Press. Rima was to provide illustrations, and the story was to be the backbone of a strange and bold publication in which a number of other stories would branch off like ribs from the first tale, crossing over at crucial junctures and forming a multi-dimensional entity that is much better described by Rima here. This was some time in the latter half of 2010. 2010! I had not long arrived in Devon and had just begun my Chinese Medicine studies – it seems like another story entirely.

I wrote the tale, somewhat surprised at the peculiar voice that emerged, but trusting it enough to roll with the punches and pinches and peculiar twitches of it, and lo! a few months ago, the good people at Lazy Gramophone produced the book – called ‘TIME’ and available here – and in the tumult of this summer and all its other activities, I’ve barely mentioned it. As a taster, I’m going to post the first third of the story here on Coyopa. For now, you could do far worse than take a look at Rima’s words about it here or take a look at the promo video that I posted before, which features the first words of the first part of the story…

The book itself is a wild ride – because all the tales and pieces of poetry and illustrations are linked in this cross-branching way, there are subtle story-forms that hover ghost-like in the air around each page, as if every word or image belongs to the recollection of one-of-many dream-characters, all of whom are describing differently-remembered events of which they may or may not have been a part. It’s the strangest thing that takes some time to get used to. Watch carefully, however, and something grows through the reading and the viewing and, ultimately, something greater than its parts is created. I’m delighted to have been involved with it. Get yourself a copy while you can – it’s a beautiful thing.

And, if time is actually working in its correct (or at least most usual) order, you should now be able to click on the following link to read the first part of The Scrimstone Circus Gospel. Enjoy…

[EDIT 10.8.13]
Just to whet your appetite further, here are a few reviews of the book from around the ‘net, collected by Sam Rawlings, editor of the Time project:

Sabotage review

Litro review (there’s some spoilers in this one…)

Annexe review (this one too…)


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