Five of my favourite things…

A while ago – I forget when – I gave you a heads-up about the Time project, of which I am part, under the auspices of the Lazy Gramophone Collective. I linked you to this video – I’ve put it down there below, too – which features some of the words of the strange, possibly delirious tale that forms a thread through the forthcoming book, which is itself the manifestation of this dizzying collaboration of fifty-five (yes, 55) artists and writers. Rima has provided wonderful illustrations for this story, which goes under the gnomic title of THE SCRIMSTONE CIRCUS GOSPEL, but you cannae see them yet (although you may glimpse some of them in the aforementioned video, if you are keen-eyed and quick-witted, as I’m sure you all are…)

As part of the pre-launch frenzy of excitement-up-stirring and general whoop-whoop that accompanies the release of such a thing, them at Lazy Gramophone asked me to give a brief introduction to FIVE THINGS that have inspired me creatively. A kind of half-size Desert Island Discs for unfamous people, if you like, although not really, as there’s no mention of a desert island and none of my things are music, but you get my drift, I hope. I eventually managed to send some words their way, having chosen five things almost-but-not-quite-at-random out of the vast ocean of influences and inspirations that make up this glittering, devastating net of jewels that is Reality. There are so many others that I could’ve chosen, but I wanted particularly to point you all in some curious directions, so there’s no mention of Stone Junction or Jitterbug Perfume, for example, nor By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept or In the Skin of a Lion… I could go on. Five really isn’t very many.

So, without further ado, hurry over to the Lazy Gramophone site and find out what my FIVE THINGS are. Then scurry excitedly back here and share five of your own, if you like – I’m curious to see what you strange beings out there are inspired by. It’s not as easy it sounds, believe me. See you back here. Go!


3 thoughts on “Five of my favourite things…

  1. 5 things which inspire/have inspired me:
    1) 7years of wonder at my daughters evolving beauty (obvious but difficult to overstate)
    2) clouds
    3) multi day walks in wildernesses from Tasmania to Pakistan and many in between (ah the tears and blisters, the sweeping exhilarations)
    4)Psychedelics/ entheogenics and particularly in the context of 90s outdoor Australian bush parties. Not anymore for me but jeeze those plants (and yes chemicals too) can crack you open and let the light shine…all those dance floor bare foot sunrises under the eucalypts…
    5) India. What can I say? Beyond words and in ways I will probably never even know, many trips over mànyyears, from himalayàn glory to ragtagroadside dhaba bustrip sunrise, the magic, the magic..

    Yes not easy there is so much wonder out there…and while many books and poem, and really books in general, have been such an important part of my life, somehow they didn’t show up there…but my 20 year old self is agreeing fervently with you about Neruda, and cursing me for passing over rumi and Jeanette winterson
    x rosie

    1. Ah, five surpassingly good things, for sure!

      I myself was under the constraint of giving five works of human-creative-endeavour – otherwise I would certainly have chosen from a wider world that included Cader Idris, Sperm Whales and oak trees, to name only three possible contenders – but I afford Coyopa readers the freedom to define their own rules of selection, as narrow or vast as you like…

      Thanks, Rosie!
      Who’s next?

  2. Baba Yaga happens to be a favorite character of mine! I have been making herr recently to enter into Art Doll Quarterly. I first met her about 25 years ago as Boney-legs. Love your drawing of her. Cleveland Public Library has a section in the children’s department with very old fairy tale books. You can view them but they are locked up for safety as they are fragile. I spent an afternoon there pouring over the books. Such a thrill!

    Love your Baba Yaga drawing!!

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