Feral Fairytales and Wild Women and Men

Two things I wanted to point your way, this very cold Monday that feels more like January than almost-Easter.

The first is a wonderful piece on story and place by Sylvia Linsteadt for the Dark Mountain site, inspired – in part – by the recent residency of Dartmoor’s own Martin Shaw in California.

Turning our fairytales feral again :: The Dark Mountain Project.

The second is a fine and thought-provoking piece by Sharon Blackie (of EarthLines and Two Ravens Press) looking at wildness and initiation and how they are perceived and embodied differently by women and men (roughly speaking – read the article!)

What comes after civilisation? – the wild women versus the wild men :: Re-enchanting the Earth

Enjoy. And stay warm…


2 thoughts on “Feral Fairytales and Wild Women and Men

  1. Hello Tom, Sylvia’s piece was very lovely wasn’t it…I wanted to email you something I also sent to her in response, do you have an email contact I could use? With greetings from north eastern Australia where autumn is all mist and rainbows, the shrieks of the rainbow lorikeets in the morning and the static hum of the bats wings overhead at dusk…. Best, rosie

  2. Hi Tom…and Rosierabbit! Greetings from south western Australia, where I think Autumn has finally arrived, at least I hope it has! I read Sylvia’s marvellous piece and felt she could have been writing my own thoughts, though much more articulately than I could have put them! I’m half way through Sharon’s piece, and there’s much to think about so far, issues that must be addressed, as she says regarding the different experiences of men and women.

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