Fergus the forager on collecting birch sap

It’s that time of year. Last year we intended and almost did it – this year, we’ll do better. This post tells you everything you need to know about tapping Birch (and other trees) for all their Springy goodness. I particularly like his reasoning for actually doing it. Read on:

fergus the forager: Tapping Birch: Collecting birch sap for mineral water, wine, beer, vinegar and syrup.


4 thoughts on “Fergus the forager on collecting birch sap

  1. I meant to add, we too foraged the woods around the family home for blauberry, fungi and other foods. Half my husband’s family is Finnish. There is a nation that has one foot in the forest and the other in the future. I am not always sure how they square the two sometimes, however most have a strong sense of the land they live on.

  2. I worked for a while on a birch syrup project here in Haines, Ak. The homestead was located on the rocky remains of a tremendous mountain collapse which occurred not terribly long ago, three-four hundred years ago, perhaps. The birch trees love the heavy snow and drainage of the upper Chilkat Valley and produce up to ten gallons per day. Wonderful cycle to be part of. Thank-you for passing this along and my fondness your way.

  3. There is has been a real find that children who are given birch syrup candies, adults that chew gum with birch syrup bases, and pregnant women who consume the same will remain cavity free and it replaces flossing. There are even baby tooth wipes that protect as well especially between teeth.
    This is not maple syrup but birch syrup . The chemical name for this ingredient is Xylitol. So watch for that and you can give up flossing and save your teeth.

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