Roads >> Combe Haven Defenders need your pledge of assistance NOW

The Combe Haven Defenders need your help.

Trees are being felled for the new road and there just aren’t enough people to stop it happening. They need more help. They are hoping to collect 1066 pledges for peaceful resistance to the road-building…

As they write:

Over a hundred local people have already signed a pledge expressing their willingness to engage in acts of peaceful resistance to stop the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road. We are now calling for 1,066 people from around the UK to publicly pledge to come and join the ‘Second Battle of Hastings’, and peacefully resist the construction of the road when it begins in January.

You can sign the Pledge on-line here (you can also use the same link to sign up to our email newsletter with or without signing the Pledge), or download a version to print-off here.

Please contact us if you could put printed versions of the Pledge in your newsletter and / or mailing.

Please lend your support if you can. It’s Winter and there are many demands on everyone already, but if you can be a part of the defence against the road-building, please let them know.

The original post is here:

Sign the 1,066 PLEDGE to block Osborne’s Roads to Nowhere & Save the Combe Haven Valley.


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