A Feast of Fools in Chagford, 23rd Dec 2012

Assuming that by 23.12.2012 the world hasn’t been eaten by a feathered serpent of inconceivable proportions, inhaled by a vast goat from Zargon 12 (where the goats grow uncommonly large on gargantuan dandelion leaves) or consumed in a terrible fiery inferno (which isn’t looking too unlikely right now), you should really try and make your way to Chagford, on the edge of Dartmoor, for this unparalleled feast of Yuletide entertainment and revelry in a distinctly old-school style:

We are delighted to be featuring:

  • Telling the Bees, beautiful twisted folk (as you’ll know, being a blog-reader of excellent musical taste)
  • Krasa, local pedlars of marvellous klezmer-Balkan-gypsy tunes, featuring our own Rima Staines, plus Lisa Rowe who played at the Tales from the Wagon Steps storytelling in May and Tim Heming on double bass and clarinet (possibly not at the same time)
  • The Kestor String Band, with their most excellent purple-moorgrass-music, laconic apocalyptic tunes in a bluegrass vein…
  • Me, as master of ceremonies, and telling a story that may (or may not) be one that’s been blogged here in times of yore…

You would be a Fool to miss it!


Did you see what I did there?


Look, there’s even a facebook page here.

Tickets are available from Sally’s newsagent in Chagford, or online
here at the Brown Paper Tickets event page.

See you there? It’s going to be a night to remember…
Spread the word. Keep on.

16 thoughts on “A Feast of Fools in Chagford, 23rd Dec 2012

    1. Thanks for the wishes – it is a long way, for sure. We shall frolic feastily and fool fabulously and, no doubt, tell of it here in due course…

  1. Well, I’m just going to hop a jet airliner and welcome myself right on in! I’ll put on my best British accent and no one will think it odd at all :]

    (fancy new header up there)

    1. Excellent – we’ll save you some of Fergus’s experimental mead…
      Mind you, good luck with that ‘British’ accent. I’ve never heard one. Call me a regionalist pedant, but ;)
      And the fancy header? S’the joy of the ‘Columnist’ theme – fancy, for sure, and certainly foolish (in that it takes twice as long to post now that I’m faffing with images too…)
      Hope we see you and yours over this way sometime – we’re making too many connections these days with folk who live in the Americas. Perhaps we’ll just have to do a grand tour with Ivashko Medvedko. Or see you in Iceland, of course…

      (And yes, get some Accordionista advice before opening Gladys up. Seriously.)

      T x

  2. That’s it! A grand meeting in Iceland, with Fergus’ experimental mead (which I am laughing about at this moment), I’ll have my British accent prepared, and we’ll all fish and play Gladys as the geysers blow in the background.
    Three years, mark your calendar! And stay alive ’til then.

    Allright, I’m off to travel an hour to the nearest decent grocery. Thanks for the coffee banter this frosty morn*

    1. Not all experimental meads are created equal – Fergus’s meads are marvellous, however, and well worth the cost of the plane ticket… Then again, Eric’s meads are truly exceptional also… We’re just spoiled for mead-makers here. It’s a tough life…

    1. Who’s joking?.. we should get the all the mearcstapa’s in one place and reclaim the imagination! :-)

      Although I have just found out we might have access to a field to turn The Telling into a Burning Man/Albion Fair type event… if that happens you might to move up here! ;-)

    2. Let’s just fold space. If a critical density of Foolishness can be achieved, I hear that space-time collapses in on itself in what’s known as an Afanasiev-Grimm Concordance. I believe that some of the early Barsham fairs achieved such a feat and that Black Rock Desert is riddled with them…

  3. There are days when I wonder whether we made the right choice in 2008 when our options were Cape Town or Exeter. While we truly love it here, we are certainly missing out on some fantastic happenings on Dartmoor. Have a wonderful feast of fools!

    1. Thanks, Tracy. Places, places… We are rich in community here, for sure, but… Britain (and England especially) is crowded. You have wilds there that we can only dream of…

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