Ivashko Medvedko at Chagfood

I’ve always thought that if there’s one flaw in the concept of Community Supported Agriculture, it’s the lack of Russian folktales. So tomorrow evening, Rima and I shall be remedying this state of affairs by telling this summer’s tour-piece, Ivashko Medvedko, at the remarkable entity that is Chagfood, as part of their day of Harvest festivities.

As the good people of Chagfood say: Dress up warm and dry and be prepared for showers and a muddy field! We will have shelter from the rain so come whatever the weather. Everyone is welcome from young to old, member or not, so please spread the word…

There’s apple-pressing, wheat-scything (it’s hardly industrial agriculture, in case readers of my last post are wondering) and then food and stories at about 7pm with fire and, no doubt, cider down by Ed’s vardo.

It’ll be a lovely day all round. If you’re in the area, come along and share in the wholesome harvesty fun.


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