The Wind (of change) in the Willows

Warren Draper

This story was inspired by the news that “Culling badgers could increase the problem of TB in cattle“… STOP THE CULL!

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5 thoughts on “The Wind (of change) in the Willows

  1. Hi Tom, just discovered your site via Steel Weaver (thanks for that taoist/paleo article btw – awesome info) – met you briefly at the last DM festival, I think…

    I too signed the petition about a week ago, but I have to say the grounds for criticism don’t go nearly deep enough for my liking. The scientists in that Observer piece, for example, seem to be operating from within an insane worldview:

    Unfortunately, the imminent pilot culls are too small and too short term to measure the impacts of licensed culling on cattle TB before a wider roll-out of the approach.

    ‘Unfortunately’?? So the proper scientific approach would be bigger culls?

    We recognise the importance of eradicating bovine TB and agree that this will require tackling the disease in badgers.

    Ah, the divine right of civilised people to fuck with wild communities on the merest suggestion that they may hinder the growth of their cancerous economic regimes… Clearly these scientists would find it acceptable to cull badgers if this could be shown to reduce the ‘problem’ of Bovine TB. They make a case against effectiveness which is extraordinarily weak, in my view, not to mention pathetically compromised compared to the profoundly moral case against attacking another species simply to appropriate more of the planet’s Net Primary Production for the exclusive use of civilised humanity. (I did a post about this here, which you might be interested to read.)

    …but I liked the cartoon though :)


    1. Hi Ian – agreed, it’s bollocks. What’s worse is that it feels like everyone knows it, but it’s gained too much momentum to be turned easily around. Blaming badgers for the problems caused by rubbish farming practices particularly incenses me. Full power to all those that get in the way of it.

      Thanks for the link – I’m now rummaging through your archives and enjoying the read.


    2. Yeah, things like this make the claim that we live in a rational society look totally ridiculous. Some deep, dark urges underlying this IMO.

      Pleased to have you as a reader. I’m liking what I’ve seen here too :-)


  2. Hi everyone

    I just want to say for anyone here in the South Hams near Dartmoor, Ama Menec has set up a campaign to train volunteers to vaccinate badgers against bTB as an alternative to culling. We’re pushed for time as now, frighteningly, the NFU seems to have control of the decision to cull and are likely to bring it forward and over different geographical areas (we are still likely to be the 2nd area, but that might change).

    What we want is to spread information about the vaccine as a serious alternative so that farmers etc can make an informed choice. We need to vaccinate more than 30% of the badger population asap.

    I’m involved too; Ama and I spoke on local radio recently and she is again today. I’m amassing info for a decent blog. We need people to help us spread the word and fund raise. So far there are a number of us willing to train.

    If you can help in any way, there’s a(n) fb page: TBVAC. And for locals, there’s a meeting and (very inexpensive) vegan Christmas meal in Paignton on Friday.

    Loads of info on all this on the fb page. What would also be great is for people to blog on the issue…


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