Busy-ness and the promise of Sound.

Busy days. The busiest. I can’t quite believe that it’s October and yet, also, I am utterly delighted that Autumn has come. I’m craving the darkening evenings and the sweet scents of decay like a man who has been living in a desert. My soul is so hungry, I could eat my own liver.

There’ll be time a-plenty to tell of all our exploits soon. Right now I’m finally getting down to editing some of the recordings we made of the Ivashko Medvedko Scotland tour this summer. That’s how busy it’s been. Mental.

On Dartmoor, it’s raining and due to rain for the next seven days and I couldn’t be happier. In this brief respite from busy-ness, I shall pretend that it is already Winter and make a nest of deerskins and wool by the woodburner. I will read required texts of Chinese Medicine and required texts of folklore, cook nourishing stews and dream the dreams with Rima. There are many plans afoot. If you knew them all, you’d dance yourself silly.

In the meantime, that recording isn’t going to turn into a Soundcloud by itself, so I’d best get back to it. Once it’s available, you will – of course – be the first to know. From my time and place to yours, I pray that the turning season finds you well in body, spirit and soul.


2 thoughts on “Busy-ness and the promise of Sound.

  1. Sounds like a perfect few days… add a cat to that nest of skins and wool, and take out the Chinese Medicine texts ( I leave those to you). Look forward to Soundclouds and dancing myself silly.

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