Freedom under law at Runnymede?

The National Trust serves Runnymede Diggers with court papers and hopes for an injuction that would allow them “to use ‘reasonable force’ to remove anyone deemed to be trespassing on or around the historic site of the Magna Carta…”


Diggers2012 and ‘Persons Unknown’ (meaning anyone in the known universe) have been served with court papers.  Despite the fact that there are no tents, structures or other items on their land, The National Trust is seeking an order for possession and an injunction prohibiting trespassing from a large area of land (over 200 acres) including parts of the ‘Runnymede’ and ‘Ankerwycke’ Estates (which is managed by the National Trust).  The case will be heard in Slough County Court this Thursday, 13th September at 12 Noon.

We currently have no tents or structures on any National Trust land.  Our Eco-village is situated on the disused land on the ex-Brunel university Runnymede campus owned by a private housing developer.  As such the possession order requiring vacant possession of the land where the NT claim seems pointless.  We have no tents on the piece of land that the NT are referring to.  What…

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