Survival International: Yanomami Indians ‘massacred’ by goldminers in Venezuela

[EDIT 10th Sept 2012 – It looks like this was a false report. We’ll probably never know why it was reported as real. Read about it at Intercontinental Cry.]

This news, together with the overturning of the halting of the Belo Monte dam by a Brazilian judge, makes me sad today. This is what the raw edge of industrial civilisation looks like. The turning of life into death so that the monster can be fed.

Goldminers in Venezuela have carried out a ‘massacre’ of isolated Yanomami Indians, according to reports received by Survival International.

Witnesses of the aftermath described finding ‘burnt bodies and bones’ when they visited the community of Irotatheri in the country’s Momoi region, close to the border with Brazil.

Initial reports suggest up to 80 people have been killed, but these numbers are impossible to confirm. Only three survivors have been found.

Read the whole article here: Yanomami Indians ‘massacred’ by goldminers in Venezuela – Survival International.


3 thoughts on “Survival International: Yanomami Indians ‘massacred’ by goldminers in Venezuela

    1. That’s a particularly strange choice of adjective, Alex. ‘Unfortunate’ is losing your house keys down a drain or forgetting to renew your tax credits…

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