Federal court in Brazil suspends construction of Belo Monte dam

Who knows how long this will be the case? But it is a victory for sense over insanity, however long it lasts!


2 thoughts on “Federal court in Brazil suspends construction of Belo Monte dam

  1. And even aside from the human rights issues, main stream journalism this morning from The Guardian reminding us of the flaws in the supposed case for the dam:

    ‘Slowing the momentum of a $16bn project is bound to run up against many powerful interests and the Brazilian government – which has made the expansion of hydro-power one of its priorities – is unlikely to back away from this flagship dam.

    But one of its main justifications – the production of non-fossil fuel energy to reduce the impact of global warming – may be undercut by other trends. In a new report, the National Institute for Space Research has revealed that carbon emissions from deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell by 57% between 2004 and 2011 as a result of improved measures to tackle illegal land clearances. If such gains could be built upon and more effort put into wind and solar energy, the pressure to harness Brazil’s river might ease.’

    Who knows? The world is held in a precarious and rapidly disintegrating balance but these outbreaks of sanity are, as you say, a victory in themselves. If only sanity was as contagious as its counterpart! Still, this hopefully buys some time for the next outbreak.

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