Uranium mine or wildlife reserve? Tricky…

I don’t know what intelligence threshold you have to fail to reach in order to believe that uranium mining in a game reserve is a bad idea, but that threshold has just been reached.

Selous: Its unique diversity of species is threatened by a uranium mine. Picture: igougo.com

Follow the link to support protest against such a monumentally, criminally stupid idea.

UNESCO sacrifices wildlife preserve for uranium mine

Here’s a thought:

How about just leaving the uranium in the ground and using less energy? Radical, I know.


2 thoughts on “Uranium mine or wildlife reserve? Tricky…

    1. Yes, but greed is not the natural state of a human, Alex. It’s a response to an inner emptiness, an attempt to fill a void that can’t be filled. The emptiness is a kind of soul damage. Caused by, among other things, the brutality of the civilization in which we live…

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