A quick note from the road

We told the tale of Ivashko Medvedko in Moffat on Friday night in the lovely Old Well theatre and it was excellent, if I do say so myself. Then, on Saturday, we told it again near Lochmaben, where we’ve been hosted by our friends Dougie and Em Strang and their wonderful, spirited family. Word is that it was even better than Moffat (though I couldn’t possibly comment, of course.) We’re still lingering in the warm nest of their home, but gearing up now for the next telling, at the GalGael Trust on Wednesday night. You can buy advance tickets here: GalGael EventBrite page – as well us Ivashko Medvedko, we’ve got music and singing from Viara Ivanova & Jaz. It’s going to be a great night, all in aid of the GalGael. Come along. All the details of the upcoming shows are here.

In the meantime, the open road calls.

See you somewhere along it soon…


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