The Archdruid Report: On the Far Side of Denial

This is from The Archdruid Report. If you’re not already paying attention to what John Michael Greer writes, now might be a good time to start. The article begins thus:

Any readers of The Archdruid Report who grew up, as I did, watching old black and white science fiction serials repackaged for the afternoon TV market may be forgiven for an overload of déjà vu just now.  Somewhere near the end of any given serial, there’s inevitably a moment when the evil overlord says, “No! This cannot be! I am invincible!” It’s usually a close-up shot on the evil overlord’s sinister face, and it’s followed within fifteen seconds or so by a cataclysmic explosion that vaporizes the evil overlord, his death ray, his fortress of doom, his legions of terror, and everything else within a couple of planetary diameters or so, except the hero and any other characters who are sympathetic enough to be allowed by the scriptwriters to get to safety behind the zarkonite shield.

Well, it’s been said. Get ready for the explosion.
The example I’m thinking of right now is Lord Browne, formerly the chairman of British Petroleum and now a major player in the fracking industry. A few days ago, in a public appearance, he insisted that the United States would be able to stop importing foreign oil by 2030, because the supply of shale gas that would be made available to the US by fracking technology was, and I quote, effectively infinite.

The article continues here. Enjoy.


One thought on “The Archdruid Report: On the Far Side of Denial

  1. Yes, Greer is doing excellent work straddling the worlds of druidry and speaking out in the mainstream as a very well-informed eco-nomist etc. I’ve been enjoying his Mystery Teachings book recently.

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