We take ‘Ivashko Medvedko’ to Scotland!

Heads up, story-lovers!

Long in the planning and short in the warning, we’re heading north next week to take a wander in the Scottish lowlands, before heading further north and further north again, to pay a visit to friends on the island of Lewis, via Glasgow. Needless to say, we are mighty excited at the prospect of being on the road and getting up to Scotland but, not content with having some kind of holiday, we’ve lined up some storytellings along the way, thanks to Dougie Strang and Svenja Meyerricks and Gehan Macleod. Here’s the low-down:

OLD WELL, MOFFAT · 27th July

On Friday 27th July (that’s next Friday, from where and when I’m sitting here now), we’re tale-telling at the Old Well theatre in Moffat – the performance is at 7.30pm and tickets are available from the Present Time gift shop on Moffat High Street right now! Yes, you read that right – we’re storytelling in a theatre! How death-defyingly strange and wonderful. Get your seat booked this instant and tell all your Borders-living friends too!


Not content with that, we’re lined up to tell on the following Wednesday (1st August) at the boat-building workshop of the mighty, one-and-only GalGael Trust in Govan! For many years, I’ve been watching the GalGael from the corner of my eye, so it’s a great delight to be doing this telling, which is a fundraiser for them. If you’re anywhere near at all, give them a call on 0141 427 3070 or send them an email on mail@galgael.org to get the time and ticket price. or go to the EventBrite page where you can pre-buy them now (as of 21st July.) Or you can get them on the door, assuming there’s still space.

We’re also doing a couple of smaller tellings as we go. If you happen to be on the Isle of Lewis and know Sharon Blackie of the wonderful EarthLines magazine and Two Ravens Press, we’ll probably be seeing you along the way, and if you’re near Elshieshields Tower, by Lochmaben, on Saturday 28th July at 3pm, we’re telling there too! Tickets for that one are £5 – call 01387 811 470 for more information.

The Ivashko Medvedko tale is one well worth knowing, even if you can’t make it to either of those nights. You can find it online – and the internet is certainly a great help for storytellers researching their tales – but I recommend getting yourself a copy of the slightly misleadingly-titled Russian Fairy Tales. On a winter’s night by the fire (or a Jet-Stream-Impaired Summer by the fire, for that matter), a book beats the internet hands down. Remember to read books. As if I needed to tell you!

Failing that, come and hear us doing our telling at Moffat, Elshieshields Tower or the GalGael – we’d be delighted to see you there! (And if there really is some kind of buckling of the space-time continuum, we might even manage to record one of the shows for those that can’t make any of them. Imagine that…)


5 thoughts on “We take ‘Ivashko Medvedko’ to Scotland!

  1. Argh–that’s two hours or more from me so I cannot get there and drive home again, and Friday night I have a long-planned date. Not coming to the East Coast????


    1. Ach – sorry about that, Jane. This time West Coast, maybe East Coast next time… Perhaps you could make the Elshieshields show on Saturday daytime? It would be great to see you there…

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