Now is the Time of Bright Colours

Now is the time of bright colours,
Time to make raiment of the cloth of dreams;
Cast off your heavy worldly dress
And make your clothes ecstatic suits
For dancing and flying.

The days of the great reptiles
Are numbered and few;
Now is the time of the rainbow serpent.
The skydancers are here
And invite your attention.
Look for the heroes and heroines:
They are waiting everywhere,
To be embraced,
To feed and dance
In the fields of your great freedom.


4 thoughts on “Now is the Time of Bright Colours

  1. Pieces of Rainbows
    That reflect the love of the Universe
    In a Million different Ways
    and each way is but a refection
    of the oringinal.
    Like the rain they must fall
    like the sun they must shine
    and like the moon they pull me
    here, there and everywhere
    to shine like pieces of rainbows
    and reflect the love of life
    to all the people who
    seek to live life as truth
    we are pieces of that rainbow
    I’m trying to put them back together
    come home, be healed, be whole
    lets help eachother.

  2. I am calling you to this plane
    Naga Kanya, guardian of the gates
    The twisting of the serpents
    Has wrung dry the waters of your ocean
    It is time for you to return
    And bring the moisture of compassion
    To this parched dry land
    Your protection is needed at this time
    To return us to the intended path
    With your sacred offering,
    Let the tides wash clean our shores
    And usher in the winds of change
    To heed our collective call

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