Love Knows Love

Love knows love and meets with joy
Its face in the beloved heart.
Come in, it says. Sit down and rest!
You must be tired, but tell me! Tell me!
Where have you been, all this time?
What life are you wearing these days?
What dance, what wounds, what joys?
Ah, the tales we will tell one another, love, the tales!

                Hold me. Say nothing. Just hold me.
                The road is too strange and beautiful for words.
                Hold me. The silence itself is a wonderful terror to bear.

Love meets love as two twins returning,
As the right hand greeting the left hand.
— It’s YOU! —
In that instant of recognition,
That flight of wonder,
Love is reminding itself
Of the great body of which it is part.


4 thoughts on “Love Knows Love

    1. Thank you.
      Both for stopping by and for commenting.
      Please pass by again – there’s more work coming soon.

  1. As we call to it
    It calls to us
    As we welcome it
    It welcomes us
    And when we can not find it
    It is just because
    We are not looking in the mirror

    Thank you for being you
    and sharing your way through this place
    I love that we all find each other
    again and again and again
    right when we need to :)

    see you at the momoparty

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