Coyopa Presents: Coyote Bardo at The Big Red Door (13th & 20th August)

Coyopa presents:


Twisted Trickster Tales
August 13th (9-11pm) & August 20th (8-10pm)

The Big Red Door, Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh
(£6/£4 0131 229 1480)

Coyote Paddling Along the River, Don't Mean No One No Harm...
Coyote Paddles His Canoe. No Trouble Here...

Don’t know your Loki from your Eshu or your Coyote from your Monkey? Don’t know a Trickster from a Liar or Trickery from Idiocy?

Don’t despair! Help is at hand in the Trickster’s metaphysical surgery between the worlds.

Tom Hirons will enlighten and confuse in unequal measure with the help of Trickster-tales old and new (but cannot be held responsible for psychological, mythological or philosophical damage to anyone attending…)



Yes, indeed folks, I’m doing a show.
In Edinburgh. During the festival…

Perhaps I have taken leave of my senses completely, but that would fit the theme nicely. Seems like it’s the right time to do this show. What else can I say?

There’s a facebook thing here.
If you’re in Edinburgh, come along, please! It’s going to be fine magic and many tales (and the excellent bar at The Big Red Door is open until ridiculous a.m. in the morning, I hear…)


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