The Hungry Gods

The Gods are among us now;
Mystery of mysteries –
When we awaken into fearlessness,
Follow love’s instruction
And renounce the triumph of death,
The Gods rejoice;
“Look,” they say.
“You are one of us;
“Another divinity has been born.”

All along, it was growing in you;
Teasing your limitations,
Searing your heart,
When you turned away from love;
Reminding you,
In dream,
In joy,
In the cataclysm of despair;
“Look,” it said.
“I am your soul;
“Let me grow and I will take you home.”

Did you learn to listen?
Did you seize the moments of grace
When they were offered?
Did you risk it all, again
And again
And again?
The Gods are not arrogant;
They simply do not fear.
What is there to be afraid of?
Only the stultifying death of things.

You are not only human!
Stop pretending!
The Gods can see through you;
Renounce your allegiance to the
Conspiracy of the dead;
One day, the moment will come
And you will be asked to step forward,
Say your true name
And put your shoulder to the wheel of Destiny.
What will you say then,
If you do not know who you are?

That moment may come sooner than you think.
Already the Gods have noticed you;
Right now, they are whispering in your ear.
They are kindling a fire in your heart;
It will burn everything.
Already, it is too late to evade them.
Do not be afraid,
Though your limbs shake
And your mouth turns to dust.
Do not be afraid;
You are surrounded by allies,
Waiting to pull you deeper into love.

If you know this,
You heart will begin to call to them;
If you try to hide it,
How will your allies know where to find you?
The Gods will find you anyway:
They are a great predator, made of love.
Surrender, now,
Before the battle has begun;
To lose that battle
Is the greatest victory
You will ever know.


2 thoughts on “The Hungry Gods

  1. I have often referred to humans as “embryonic demiurges”. This poem bespeaks that designation.

    BTW – I haven’t mentioned it yet but I really like your Twitter Bio. Most of those mentioned therein are akin to me too. Not least of which is Pashupati / Cernunnos.

    I think you might enjoy the latest entry on my blog if you’ve time to drop by.

    Groove on, groovy pilgrim!

    1. Groovin’, groovin’, Obsidian Eagle…

      Just reminding myself about Pashupati. I wonder how similar he is to Cernunnos – look forward to weaving a conversation over on twitter about this, perhaps? And, yes, I’ve been enjoying your blog – visionary stuff.

      Onwards with the pilgrimage to nowhere…

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